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[VXA] Futuristic School Tiles

[Image: futuristic-school-tiles-banner.png]

Optimized for: [Image: B-RMVX-Ace.png]

It seems almost impossible to imagine what education will be like in a hundred years. Yet many games choose the far future as their setting.

Futuristic School Tiles resource pack is a fantastic pack that includes details you would need to create the perfect futuristic learning academy. From holographs with lessons to high-tech desks and chairs, this pack is a must-have for any futuristic and sci-fi enthusiast.

  • A smooth, painterly style like the one you'll find in Classic School, Pirate Ship, Casino, Valentine's, Winter Wonderland, Sci Fi, Halloween, Evil Castle, Royal and Dungeon & Volcanoes tile packs.
  • Create classrooms, teacher lounges and spaceship hallways along with waiting rooms and study areas.
  • Auto-tiles for floors (A2) and walls (A4), and a variety of objects in tile B.
  • Animated single and double doors, and more!
    [Image: futuristic-school-tiles-left.png]
[Image: futuristic-school-tiles-right.png]


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Cam on bac nhe hihi :3
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Cảm ơn ông <3 Đang cần
Developer, Designer too hard to learn. But i love it! <3
- HK2308 - Hoang Khang 23/08 -
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tks Big Grin
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Thank you :3
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Thank you!!!^^
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Thank you
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cho xin nguồn chia sẻ đi
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