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Time Fantasy Resource Packs

Tết nhất đến nơi , chia sẻ tí  Big Grin

[Image: time-fantasy-banner.png]

[Image: time-fantasy-mosnters-product_banner.png]
Optimized for: VXA/MV
[Image: time-fantasy-monsters-right_image.png][Image: time-fantasy-monsters-left_image.png]
  • 20 "oversized/boss" monster sprites; 40 regular monster sprites.
  • All monsters have full four-direction walking animations and single-frame battlers, perfect for side-view battles.
  • 16 unique orc character sprites (2 full sheets).
  • Full sheet of 8 horses.
  • 24 new character sprites with emotion animations, pose animations, and horse-riding variations.
  • 16 new NPCs (2 full sheets).
  • Over 100 sprites total!

[Image: time-fantasy-winter-product_banner.png]
Optimized for: VXA/MV
[Image: time-fantasy-winter-left.png][Image: time-fantasy-winter-right.png]
  • New tiles to expand on the Time Fantasy style.
  • Autotile terrain, including animated water for different ground types.
  • TileA5 wall tiles for exterior cliffs as well as icey caverns.
  • Three object-layer tile sheets (winter wilderness/snow cave, tree/forest and snow town).
  • Includes tiles formatted for RMVX/Ace AND RMMV!


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