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A fun day with a friend at the local theme park turns into a twisted struggle for survival amongst a terrifying and ever-growing deadly landscape ...
Sounds intense, right? But that's just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the stories you can create with the Nightmare Land resource pack! In this pack, you'll find an extensive collection of tiles, both inner and outer, along with a selection of character sets, portraits, facesets and pictures. Whether you're planning a subtle thriller or an all-out terror extravaganza, Nightmare Land is THE pack you want in your resource library.
Created by D3PUBLISHER INC, Nightmare Land Resource Pack is expertly formatted and arranged for use in RPG Maker.

  • Large Tileset, including 3 versions of Tile A5, partial Tile A4, Inner Tiles B-D, Outer Tiles B-E, Extra Tile E + a sheet of extra tiles for parallax mapping.

  • 3 picture files to be used for titles, game overs and special effects.

  • 3 Character actors, complete with emotion facesets, emotion portraits, and character sprites – including variation for ghosts or silhouettes.

  • Animated fire/fireplace character set.

  • 2 Monster character sprites, including four recolored variations.

  • Large animated fire-breathing dragon.

  • 8 pictures that can be used as accents or jump scares.
[Image: nml-left.png][Image: nml-right.png]


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