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[Image: parallax-mapping-guide-product.png]
  • A PDF File covering the theory behind parallax mapping, as well as tips on how to improve general mapping.
  • A video showing step-by-step creation of a detailed parallax map.
  • Sample project which allows you to experience the maps as the player would.
  • Bonus: Catch a glimpse of how Celianna creates some of her tiles!
[Image: beginners-guide-to-rpg-maker-audio-product.png]
  • A 13 page PDF on how to create the best kinds of music for video games
  • An 8 page PDF detailing what you need to do to submit your audio packs to the RPGMakerWeb store
  • A 7+ minute video on how to properly set up loops for RPG Maker VX, VX Ace, and IG Maker
  • Music examples, links to the programs you need, and a special bonus 20% off coupon code for our store with unlimited uses
  • Plus as a super special last minute addition we have 3 unreleased RPG Maker DS Bonus Tracks in OGG, WAV, and MP3 formats

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