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[Image: ss_2676c1e79ebaae5244d5c19b5c7aae7961b90...1480670560]

Pack 1: RM2k Rearrange Soundtrack & SE
[Image: ss_8a3a6061cf778944e890fdfaad6b19fcbacb9...1465574164]
- 10 expertly re-mastered BGM (music theme) tracks
- 100 brand new SE (sound effects)

Pack 2: Character Graphics
[Image: ss_a68a09e7947a0785dc2eadd5de60b3f77c414...1480670560]
[Image: ss_43e4449faebf0996438522fb635dda6a26639...1480670560]
Featuring Characters from RPG Maker 2000. This includes the following materials.
  • Character Walking Graphics + Damage Poses
  • Sideview Graphics
  • Facesets (MV Style and Rm2k Style) + 4 Basic Emotions
  • Remastered RM2k Bust Art from the Original RTP
Pack 3: Tileset
[Image: ss_8699d0d94af0fcc28c0b8f1ba2a42143e09e7...1480670560]
DLC 3 includes a large and versatile set of tiles for creating a train that's right at home in the standard MV resource environment.
  • Autotiles (A2-A5) for creating floors and walls for both the outside and inside of the train
  • Tile B including a large train, complete with the engine, passenger cars, freight cars, and caboose. 
  • The train faces east and west, and may be used with a scrolling parallax background to simulate movement.
  • Tile C includes a full sheet of objects and details that can be used to create the inside of train cars.
  • Animated tiles - such as opening doors, smoking chimney and railroad track switch
  • BONUS: 8 Train-themed NPCs, incuding the Conductor, Ticketmaster and passengers - complete with walking character sprites and matching facesets with emotions.
Pack 4: Kid Generator Parts
[Image: 3kFkers.jpg]
DLC 4 contains 134 parts to create kids!
  • 22 Front Hair
  • 22 Rear Hair
  • 2 Ears
  • 15 Eyes
  • 14 Eyebrows
  • 3 Noses
  • 19 Mouth
  • 4 Facial Marks
  • 22 Clothes
  • 6 Accessory 1
  • 4 Accessory 2
  • 1 Glasses

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