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Tạo Trò Chơi

Phiên bản đầy đủ: The Lycan ABS
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[Image: LycanABSLogo_zpsd4d1a3a9.png]

Rather large, it is my intent to replace the MrMo ABS and add my own add-ons along with additional enhancements all built in.

One kickin' ABS with explosive missiles, be it from a firearm, a spell or a thrown item. Even boomerangs and spreadshot.
Go ballistic with landmines and set explosives
Companions that follow you and can be controlled by either keyboard or a custom dialog system.
Limit companion responses and make pets.
Enemy drops or enemy corpse systems
Enhanced enemy detection and observation system (may require additional scripts)
Actual Map-Wrap! Not many ABSs have an actual built-in map wrapping system.
Use the mouse to move and attack with an optional, compatible mouse system
Pixelmovement for the lead actor character! All other events are still tile-based event controlled.
8-Directional! And if using pixelmovement, the diagonals are adjusted.
Enhanced movement systems: sneaking, dashing and jumping
Three config pages, subdivided into general, weapons and stuff, and companions... for designers convenience.

[Image: Lycan1_zps6581d622.png~original]

[Image: Lycan2_zps113fbc34.png~original]


Meh. I tried to have it ready FOR halloween, not after. Enjoy the ride.

An RPGMaker XP script. Compatability with other systems not tested.

Terms and Conditions
Free for use, even in commercial games. If version 1.0 is still present... Music courtesy of Charles Bernstein.
Lúc đầu tưởng bản ABS của Mr.Mo, nhưng bản này update có nhiều tính năng hơn, mà sao nó không đổi luôn giao diện cho phù hợp với tên gọi Lycan :3
Cha này người nước ngoài à a Khoa :v
Copy paste đó :))